Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillow Review

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Are you pregnant and you want to lie down comfortably? Then, aside from a soft bed, you should have the Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillow. You can lie down in style while having a baby inside you, thus ensuring a smooth rest for you and for your baby. You will feel less stressed during the taxing period of pregnancy.

Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillow Features

Adjustment bands, open ventilation, and air-flow

All three features of these pillow are there so you can be well-ventilated while lying down. You will feel cool at night with the pillow because of these features. Moreover, you will not lose heat while you are sleeping, so you and your child will feel cool at night, but not cold.

Whole-body comfort

You can place the pillow beside you in such a way that your back or tummy will be supported. You can also use the pillow to elevate your hips or legs, depending on which is more comfortable for you. Your head and neck will also be properly cushioned, thus protecting both from sudden changes in your body position.

Cover can easily be cleaned

The pillow’s cover can be removed and washed easily, thus ensuring that you always have a clean pillow every time you use it. You can even have a cover on reserve so you can continue using the pillow even when the last cover used is still in the cleaners.

Who Should Buy the Product

If you are a pregnant woman, the choice for you to buy the pregnancy body pillow should be automatic. You can also buy the Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillow for a pregnant wife or mother, so you can make her more comfortable while the baby is inside her. Hospitals can also stock up a sufficient supply of these pillows so pregnant women can be comfortable during their stay.

Three Main Product Cons

Comfort for your whole body

When you are pregnant, your body changes, but particularly the most uncomfortable change is the bulging of your belly. The Leachco preggle comfort air-flow body pillow or Leachco Back ‘N belly contoured body pillow can accommodate that body change so you will have a restful evening at all times. The comfort will also relieve you of any tiredness you may have experienced while awake.

Proper ventilation ensured

A pregnant woman’s health is sensitive to environmental changes, so if you are pregnant, you should always maintain proper ventilation at all times, even while lying down. Your body will feel sufficient coolness and sufficient warmth while you are clutching the pillow.

Made from safe fabrics

The pillow is made from both polyester and cotton, both fabrics that are safe for any pregnant woman to have beside her when resting. These fabrics do not contain any toxic materials that can harm a pregnant woman’s heath or the baby’s.

One Product Con

While children can use this as an ordinary pillow, the product is not meant for them and might not yield them the same comfort level that pregnant women can get.

Value For Your Money

Make your pregnant self or a pregnant loved one feel more comfortable with the Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillow. That pillow does not only provide a restful evening for anyone pregnant – it also ensures the well-being of both mother and child.