Best Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

Here at Memory Foam Pillow Reviews, we will help you find the right memory foam pillow. We have already reviewed different pillows from different manufacturers. We will also give you some tips about memory foam pillow from how to buy one to how to use one.

The Importance of Memory Foam Pillow

Many people spend most of their time facing the computer or their work table. Therefore, many people experience backaches, spinal problems, legs and hip problems. Employing a bad pillow and mattress may further aggravate your problem by injuring the shape of your shoulder and back. Through scientific studies and modern technologies, the memory foam pillow was introduced. This is a remedy provided to people battling with back and neck pains. These kinds of pillows are very famous and used by many people around the world.

The memory foam pillow possess the ability to take the shape of the body curve of the user providing comfort to your neck and back. If you change your old pillow, then you can make a big difference in your life. Memory foam pillows havetwo kinds, and this is according to their shape.

  1. The neck pillow is similar to the form of a valley which gives support to your spine, neck and head
  2. The other kind of memory foam pillow is of the standard shape. It takes the shape of your body and head. Your body rests and receives support during sleep.

The memory foam pillow will never be good enough if you continue using your old and hard bed mattress. Your body finds it really hard to get habituated to the flat surface of your bed mattress. Therefore, pressure is made on your knees, hips, back, neck and shoulders. Therefore, blood flow is affected leading to pain to your body. This could lead to disrupted sleep. That’s why, your need to take good care of your mattress.

Best Memory Foam Buying Guide

If you are about to shop and get memory foams out there you might want to step aside and think for a moment. You might want to consider this; what are the things to consider to by memory foam? You need not to hasten, or hassle yourself buying the wrong things. Stop look and listen. Here are the things you needed to consider before you buy memory foam.

Remember, you should know the purpose of your purchase.

Having just any memory foam pillows and or mattress might catch you frustrated. Like memory foam pillow reviews out there having said all their opinions of their memory foam, yet the truth is they bought the wrong type of pillow for the needs they wanted it for. But not in all cases that it happens.

As we all know, you wanted to buy them for the purpose of having comfort, but what in particular? Is it for lying down on your couch or sleeping sideways or with your stomach or for hours of sitting with on your office desk working, or even for long travels that you often make? These and more should cross into your mind, because memory foams are at full force on giving which ever type of comfort you wanted.

Comparing mattress versus a topper

Memory foam mattress is one that is most likely to be ideal. Why? It is made with full details from top to bottom which give the memory foam found inside optimum effectiveness, when it comes to longer coolness and softness. Although they comes with more price value compared to a topper.

On the other hand a topper comes in affordable, as stated. It could be a substitute for mattress that offers as much with firmness if you find your mattress to be very soft.

Selecting your ideal firmness

Memory foam pillows and memory foam mattress and toppers come with different variety of density. You may choose from low 2.5lbs/sq. cube to a density of 5.4lbs/sq. cube for memory foams. Some would prefer the medium density of which around 3.5 -4.5lbs/sq. cube. You can select based on this types and find out more if it still is not good enough for you.

Buy only from a US based manufacturer as they are the best in making memory foam pillows

There are those memory foam pillows coming from china, although they simulate the same technology but quality wise they are way beyond standards.

Lastly to buy memory foam safely, always have them at the most credible shop you can find online or near your place. Imitations and piracy is what you will be dealing with if you just go into any store available, it is best to buy in a safe source to avoid culprit of the product.


Top 5 Best Memory Foam Pillow Review

Before you go out of your door and decide to by a memory foam pillow, how about having with you a lits of the top 5 memory foam pillow review. Which I think you and I both would agree that the best buy you could ever make is from a well examined review like this one I am about to discuss with you. What I have here are summarized topics of the reviews that most customers talks about. And I have ranked them according to how frequent customer reviews mention them on their post, and what product they often give most credit with.

1. Sleep innovation contour memory foam pillow

First on the list is the sleep innovation contour memory foam pillow. Of course almost all memory foam is designed to contour the shape of the pressure that lies on it. This memory pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers, because of its traditional design with a slightly elevated edge like two waves on the side. It has a great customer review. And many find it cheap and are free when shipping.

2. Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow

Almost 8 out of 10 people are suffering from sleep problems almost every day of their lives. And most memory foam pillow reviews I had read talks about how they have suffered midnight awakening just to adjust the pillow and or reverse it because it’s getting hot. This Z by Malouf Memory Foam Molded Contour Neck Pillow provides neck contouring that helps the body to project the right angles for resting.

3. Carpenter Memory Foam Contour Bed Pillow

In terms of the cheapest out there this one has it. Although it has fewer reviews compared to other memory foams, it has all the benefits you can get. It’s ideal for stomach and side sleepers to offer comfort and relieves neck and back pains.

4. Dream Supreme Plus 100% Gel Filled Pillows, Set of two

Well, when it comes to the best yet cheap memory foam pillow this one is what you’re looking for. It has a total of 370-thread-count and is one hundred percent cotton. It’s quite loaded but squeezable enough to contour with your neck. The price of this pillow is very cheap, always lower than $50.

5. Resort Sleep – Memory Foam Pillow

This one perhaps had the best review so far. The price is just right to compensate its features. this memory foam offers you a plush way of sleeping and feel of a traditional pillow, and on the other side of it gives you a therapeutic experience and firm support of a memory foam.

Are you looking for a memory foam pillow that is pricey? Because you think its way more effective than any other memory foam pillows out there. Well, that’s alright. But what if you happen to run short of allowance? Would you prefer to suffer having ordinary pillow just because you are broke? Stop pretending I say, there are cheap memory foam pillow out there that is as good as first class memory foam.
The reason why memory foam varies with price is not totally about how comfortable is the more expensive one than the other. Here are some discussions and tips why you should have a memory pillow that cost less rather than a high priced one.


Various Applications of Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are usually dense and high-quality foams. They can provide you with firm support and comfort. Innovative space-aged viscoelastic foam reacts to the body pressure and heat contouring to the body’s shapes, and then goes back to its original form. There are many applications of this kind of foam to satisfy certain needs and they are outlined below:

Memory foam pillows are usually dense and high-quality foams. They can provide you with firm support and comfort. Innovative space-aged viscoelastic foam reacts to the body pressure and heat contouring to the body’s shapes, and then goes back to its original form. There are many applications of this kind of foam to satisfy certain needs and they are outlined below:

1) Compact travel pillow is quite handy when you go camping, travelling, sports, or simply lying down. Viscoelastic memory shape to your neck and head wherever you want it, for excellent convenience.

2) Contoured lumbar support foam gives perfect lumbar support to help ease back pain. It is made from molded, very sturdy foam. Includes an orthopedic layout that eliminates pressure and helps to keep the spinal column in appropriate alignment.

3) Contoured Leg Pillow is made for the side sleeper trying to significantly lessen back pain. This specific design effectively lines up legs, hips, and spine to aid alleviate pain and strain on your back.

4) Twist Bendable Pillow is fantastic for flights, for use on road, and particularly in the convenience of your own home. It is made to aid the prevention of pain and stiffness in your shoulders and neck.

5) Contoured Neck Cushion can also be suitable for flights, for use on the road, or in your home. It is meant to help avoid pain and stiffness in your shoulders and neck so you reach your destination much more comfortable and relaxed.

6) Memory Foam insoles conforms in your feet for remarkable comfort and provides you custom relaxation from heel to toes so that your feet wouldn’t be exhausted and achy.


Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

Do you wonder why many and many more people loved to use memory pillows today? Simple it offers so much in every aspect that an ordinary pillow can provide. It beats an ordinary pillow in terms of advance technology, slick style, softness and firmness, and sizes and shapes. This argument is not credible if I will not point out the benefits of memory foam pillow, particularly on health benefits.

To achieve and maintain a deep sleep the body needs to be properly aligned during sleep. Say when you are lying down or sitting you often experience sudden back pain when you stand up or change position. This is due to the improper position that you did for a couple of hours. This can be avoided if you have a support underneath your lower back. But most pillows still does not have the right attributes required to give the right support. Memory pillows manufacturer on the other hand did design memory pillow to meet such needs.

Arthritis – memory pillow has an advance technology that is capable of relieving the pressure on part of your body that experiences arthritis. The thermometer-sensitive design that absorbs heat of the body and dispersing it, to eases away pain that a part of your body is experiencing.

Neck and body pains – contour memory foam pillow is also styled in such manner that it contour to the shape of your neck, head, back and lower back. By projecting the right angle and soft material to just perfectly align the joints and spine.

Low blood circulation – there are foam mattress that is too soft and sinks in your body, creating clogging on your circulatory system. Having a memory pillow will help on this because of the right density that will give you the firm effected needed so that your body will have a normal flow of blood while sleeping.

There are also other benefits of memory foam pillow with regards to rejuvenating the way sleeping is with most people experiencing sleeping problems. Find out more of these and get the best memory foam pillow that adheres to your need.

Health benefits

The best memory foam pillow are also helpful to ease away certain pains like arthritis, neck and back pains, and even improves the blood circulation of people who are anemic. Manufacturer of memory foam does not only produce pillows that will provide comfort to their customers. They also target markets that will need support pillows to aid in their therapy and healing process.
There are also benefits of cheap memory foams which could improve or prevent illness to occur, like postural deviation of children and growth gap due to sleeping problems. Honestly, memory foam pillow compared to ordinary pillows are more expensive. But quality wise, its compensates as well.


Materials are the same

The quality of material does not change when you have cheaper memory foam to buy. It’s just that your cheap memory foam pillow is simplified version. Example a Sleep Innovation Contour Memory Foam Pillow is a lot cheaper compared to a HoMedics Ortho Therapy Lumbar Cushion Support Pillow with Velour Cover. The first mentioned offers a general feature of having the best comfort and the best memory pillow to ease out neck pains and other body pains possible. While the second one mentioned takes a lot of what a contour pillow has plus it has therapeutic features that can improve a user’s condition and is designed for a specific purpose.